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making landscaping beautiful and beneficial

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5 Common Mistakes That May Be Damaging Your Lawn

A lush, green lawn is a sign of a healthy yard. However, sometimes, no matter how hard you try, your lawn just doesn't seem to thrive. If you've been struggling to get your lawn in tip-top shape, you may be making some common mistakes that are causing damage. Here are five interesting ways you might be accidentally damaging your lawn.


You might think that watering your lawn more will result in a healthier, greener lawn. However, overwatering is just as harmful as not watering enough. Overwatering can cause the grass roots to rot, which leads to a lawn that looks patchy and yellow. To avoid overwatering, ensure that you water your lawn once or twice a week during early morning hours.

Mowing Too Low

Mowing too low can cause serious damage to your lawn. When you cut your grass too short, it can't absorb the sun's rays, which are vital to the photosynthesis process. This will ultimately cause your lawn to lose its green color and become patchy and uneven. It's essential to keep your grass height between 3-4 inches and avoid mowing more than one-third of the blade length.

Overusing Fertilizer

Using too much fertilizer can also damage your lawn. Excessive fertilizer can burn your grass, creating brown and yellow patches all over your lawn. To avoid this, make sure you read the instructions on your fertilizer and follow them precisely.

Heavy Foot Traffic

While it's nice to enjoy your beautiful lawn, too much foot traffic can lead to damage. When people or pets walk too much on the grass, it can cause soil compaction, which interferes with the grass's root growth, limiting its nutrients and water intake. To avoid this issue, limit the foot traffic on your lawn and switch up the areas where you walk your dog.

Neglecting a Regular Mowing Schedule

Skipping your weekly mowing routine might seem like an innocent mistake. Still, neglecting your lawn's routine can create an uneven and patchy appearance. Every time you mow your lawn, you shorten the grass shoots, and this also stimulates growth. To ensure your lawn stays lush and healthy, create and stick to a weekly mowing schedule.

Maintaining a healthy and beautiful lawn is essential, but it doesn't have to be complicated. By avoiding common mistakes like overwatering, mowing too low, overusing fertilizer, neglecting a regular mowing schedule, and heavy foot traffic, you can create a lush and well-maintained lawn. However, getting professional help can be the best option because they can do the hard work for you and help you maintain a healthy lawn.

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