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making landscaping beautiful and beneficial

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Hydroseeding Your Lawn

Modern landscaping techniques have evolved substantially, and there are many modern practices that can provide rapid and effective results. Hydroseeding is one example of these modern practices that you may be able to use for your landscaping.

Hydroseeding Is Effective For Rapidly Growing Lawns

Growing a lawn can be one of the most important landscaping goals that you may have. In addition to making the property look attractive, the lawn will also help to stop erosion from occurring on the property. Hydroseeding is one of the fastest options for growing grass. This process will involve applying a mixture to the ground that will contain grass seeds, fertilizer, and water. This mixture will allow the grass to start growing very quickly after being applied, and it may develop more quickly once it has sprouted.

The Soil Should Be Cleared And Tilled Prior To The Hydroseeding Process

Hydroseeding is able to rapidly produce a lush and full lawn for your property. However, the soil will need to be prepared for this to provide the best results possible. In particular, the soil will have to be cleared and tilled. This process will make it far easier for the roots of the grass to grow into the soil. In many instances, this part of the hydroseeding process may take the longest as it will require many hours for a large yard to be fully prepared for this project. Additionally, you may need to have buried utility lines marked so that this service can avoid causing damage to them during the tilling process.

The Area That Has Undergone Hydroseeding Should Be Avoided For Several Weeks

After the hydroseeding process has been completed, the site that was treated should be avoided for several weeks. This will give the grass time to sprout and start to grow a stronger root system. During this time, you may also need to water the lawn more frequently than normal to prevent the roots of the developing grass seedlings from excessively drying as this could kill the grass before it is able to mature. The hydroseeding contractor will provide you with a list of the types of care that you should provide for the grass during this initial stage of development. Following this guide as closely as possible can avoid potential complications that may lead to the grass growing more slowly than expected or even leaving bare patches or areas where it is far thinner than what you were wanting. 

For more information about hydroseeding, contact a local company.