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making landscaping beautiful and beneficial

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Installed A New Brick Paved Patio? How To Keep The Flooring In Good Condition

If you just installed a new brick paved patio, you need to learn how to keep the brick pavers in good condition. This way, you and your family can enjoy the new patio for years to come. Keep reading for three maintenance tips to get you started. 

Keep the Brick Pavers Clean

You need to keep the brick pavers clean by sweeping the patio regularly. This will remove dust and dirt that will build up on the flooring. Over time, the buildup can break down the brick pavers. You can use a regular broom to do this. If you use the patio a lot, such as every day, you may need to sweep it once a day. If you only use the patio periodically, sweep it about once a week. Keep debris off the pavers, such as leaves, grass, etc. These things will trap moisture if they get wet, which can cause the brick pavers to deteriorate. To help with this you should make sure you use a patio cover to protect it. 

Seal Brick Pavers

Sealing the brick pavers will protect them from the elements and keep the pavers in great condition. Have the contractor that installs your new patio seal the brick pavers before they leave. Reseal the brick pavers approximately every few years or when you see the sealant is breaking down. You can purchase sealant at a home improvement store and do this yourself or hire a company to do this for you. If you do it yourself, consider putting a thin coat of sealant on the brick pavers, letting it dry, and then putting a second sealant on it. Do not use the patio until it is completely dry which may be a few hours or an entire day.

Remove Stains

If you see stains on the brick pavers, remove the stain immediately. Mix a mild liquid detergent and hot water. Pour the mixture on the stain and use a deck brush or a hand brush to scrub the brick pavers. You may have to repeat the process a few times to get the stains off. If you have bricks that are badly stained and you cannot clean them, hire a mason to remove individual bricks and replace them with new ones. Always have a professional do this for you as the new bricks will have to be regrouted to ensure they are secure. While the mason is there, have them replace any brick pavers that have damage on them. This will make your brick patio flooring look brand new. 

Talk with the contractor that installs your new residential brick-paved patio for more maintenance tips.