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making landscaping beautiful and beneficial

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Tips For Removing A Tree To Make Room For A Backyard Pool

If you want a backyard pool so you and the kids can stay cool and have fun at home this summer, you may have problems if there are trees in the way. A quick way to put up a pool is to buy an above-ground model that you can set up, fill, and start using within a couple of days.

You might even choose the dimensions of the pool so you can squeeze it between trees. However, if necessary, you should consider having a tree removed so you don't have to deal with leaves and tree debris in the water. Here are some tree removal tips to consider.

Choose The Smallest Tree To Remove

Tree removal costs depend on a few factors, and one is the size of the tree. If you have a young tree that's in the way, consider having it removed so you can save on the costs. Small trees are easier to remove and the work goes quickly. Plus, there will be less disruption to your yard.

Before you make your decision on which tree or trees to remove, talk to the tree removal professional for advice. If you have a large tree that has a problem you don't know about, such as it's headed for power lines or it has a disease, the tree removal company may recommend removing the tree rather than wait until it has to be removed in a year or two anyway.

Ultimately, your budget may be the deciding factor as long as none of the trees pose a danger to your home or property and need to come down right away.

Have The Stump Removed Too

When you have a tree in the way of setting up a pool, the stump will still be in the way when the tree is removed. Tree removal companies often consider tree removal and stump removal different jobs. So, having the stump taken out will cost extra. However, it has to go, or your pool won't fit.

When the stump is removed, a hole or depression may be left behind. Talk to the tree professional about the best way to deal with the hole. They may fill the hole as best they can, but it might still settle. This could affect your pool if an edge rests on the depression. You might want to bring in soil to fill the hole and compact it so it will support your pool.

Tree removal companies may be busy in the summer, especially after storms, so call early to have your tree taken out. That gives you plenty of time to prepare the hole and get your yard ready for the pool while there is still plenty of summer left to enjoy backyard swimming.

For more information, contact a local company like Ever Green Tree Services & Landscaping.