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making landscaping beautiful and beneficial

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Home Accent Lighting Techniques To Add Intrigue And Beauty To Your Landscape

Without the proper lighting, the most beautiful home and landscape design will lack the potential to make an impact. The right landscape lighting is like putting a finishing touch on a piece of art. Understanding various lighting techniques will help you decide which is best for your home and outdoor space.

Silhouette-style lighting

Silhouette lighting is perfect for those elements that you want to highlight around your home and landscape. With this style, lighting is installed behind the item to create a silhouette. Lighting installed behind an ornamental bush or tree can have a dramatic appearance by casting shadows on the wall.

Uplighting style

If your home has interesting architectural features, uplighting is a great option for highlighting those areas of interest. Unlike typical floodlights that create a wall-wash effect over the entire front of the house, uplighting highlights specific features of your home by placing the floodlights closer to the house. This creates a bolder effect that targets specific features, such as a doorway, arched window, etc.

Shadow lighting

If you enjoy intrigue and mystery, shadow lighting is a good choice for flower beds and garden walkways. Lighting is placed at the base of a bush, tree, or plant with the goal of creating a shadowy effect. This causes an intriguing and mysterious look when the light flickers with the movement of the tree or plant leaves.

Downlighting style

If you want a bold lighting style look that is sure to grab attention, downlighting is a good fit for your landscape. It is one of the best ways to create beauty around the exterior of your home. Lights are placed high up in trees or at the top of hardscaping elements, which causes light to cascade over the item onto the ground creating a dramatic look.

Moonlighting style

Using a glare guard with a downlight fixture will produce a makeshift moonlight look that is romantic and serene. The fixture is placed on the top of a tree and angled downward, causing shadows to appear on the ground surrounding the tree. This is a good option for you if you prefer a lighting method that looks natural.

The right landscape lighting can mean the difference between a home that is ordinary and one that looks extraordinary. Accent lighting can highlight features you want to show off or simply complement the beauty of your home. Understanding the various home accent lighting techniques will help you choose the best one for your home. 

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