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making landscaping beautiful and beneficial

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Installation Advice For Residential Retaining Walls

Some properties are sloped in a way where they need retaining walls to hold soil back. Then water drainage will be proper, and landscaping maintenance will be easier to handle. If you're having retaining walls built around your property, remember these installation tips.

Make Sure Only Your Property's Water Flow Is Affected 

You don't want to create retaining walls at the expense of affecting your neighbors' yards. That wouldn't be very nice and could get you in trouble with building associations. When you create a retaining wall, only your property's water flow should be impacted.

Start with finding out where your property lines start and end. You can then focus on creating retaining walls in the right areas that you're legally able to manipulate. Make sure you attain the right slope and use the appropriate materials throughout this building process. Professional contractors may also be needed to ensure water flow isn't impacted around properties that are close to your home. 

Consider Natural Stones for Wall Material

You'll have different materials to use when creating retaining walls around residential property. If you're looking for something that's easy to work with, consider natural stones. They are very durable and come in a lot of different sizes, so it shouldn't be difficult to find stones that provide your landscaping with amazing soil support.

Natural stones can be dropped off by professional companies. You just need to make sure they have the correct orientation to ensure your property effectively distributes water and keeps soil from breaking down over time. 

Use Multiple Tiers if There's a Lot of Land

If you have a lot of land around your property that requires retaining walls, you should consider taking a multi-tiered approach. This is where you add more than one retaining wall around the areas near your property. Then your landscaping will have multiple defenses against soil erosion and improper water flow.

You may just need to work with a professional company to create multiple tiers of retaining walls, considering there will be a lot more materials and more work involved. A company, like Rolling Hills Landscaping, can set you up with long-lasting retaining walls that are perfectly spaced apart. 

You can effectively deal with soil erosion around a residential property that is sloped when you use retaining walls. Just spend time look at your property so you can make sure these walls are set up in the right place with the right layout.