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making landscaping beautiful and beneficial

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A Lawn Mowing Service Keeps Your Lawn Attractive And Healthy So You're Free To Do Other Things

If you do a good job of keeping up with fertilizing your lawn and applying seeds and weed killers but you are too busy to mow regularly, then consider hiring a residential lawn mowing company to keep your grass trimmed. When you work hard to grow healthy grass, you don't want your grass to suffer just because it doesn't get mowed on schedule.

Mowing regularly keeps your grass healthy and attractive. Here are reasons to mow regularly and how a lawn mowing service can help.

Scheduled Mowing Maintains Proper Height

Each type of grass has a height zone for optimal appearance and health. You don't want to cut the grass too short or let it get too long. Either could harm your grass. It's usually necessary to mow on an established schedule to keep your lawn in the optimum height range.

If you're busy and forget, your grass can get too long and scraggly. If you make up for it by cutting your grass too low, you might end up harming the health of your grass.

It's best to cut off only a portion of the blades at a time and to keep your grass at a desirable height, that usually means your lawn should be mowed weekly or bi-weekly. This might be difficult for you, but a lawn mowing service can mow on a set schedule all summer long and mow when you're at work so you don't have to be bothered with the noise or commotion in your yard during the process.

Uniform Height Makes Your Lawn More Attractive

When your grass gets too tall, it creates shade that affects the growing conditions of nearby blades. This affects the color and health of your grass. A beautiful lawn has a uniform color, height, and appearance. This is achieved by keeping the grass at the right height so the sun can reach the grass blades evenly.

A lawn mowing service can also make your lawn more attractive by edging the grass and using a weed trimmer. A lawn that's been cut and manicured by a professional usually looks much better than when it's done by someone who has to do a rushed job because of lack of time or lack of interest.

Regular Mowing Makes Grass Healthier

Every time your grass is cut, the clippings become mulch that nourishes the grass and helps it grow stronger. In addition, when the grass is cut, the strongest grass lives on to thrive and spread while weaker blades die out. This ensures the strongest blades gradually take over your lawn and cause your lawn to be lush and healthy.

A benefit of using a mowing service is that they maintain their mowing equipment properly. Clean cuts from a sharp blade are important for grass health. Ragged cuts from a dull blade could lead to injuries that allow insects or diseases to get started in your yard.

Unless you love to mow grass and maintain your mowing equipment, your yard will probably look better all summer long if you use a lawn mowing service. As an extra benefit, you won't have to spend every weekend in the hot sun working on your lawn, and that could be important if you have kids and a busy lifestyle that keeps you on the go.

For more information, contact a residential lawn mowing service in your area.