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making landscaping beautiful and beneficial

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Landscaping Ideas For A Backyard Classroom

If the COVID-19 pandemic has prompted you to home school your children for the foreseeable future, one thing that you'll need to think about is where you'll teach them. There are advantages of doing so indoors, but you might also wish to consider an outdoor space — especially if your children are young. In the yard, your children won't be around electronic distractions and they'll also get to enjoy the fresh air. If you wish to move forward with a backyard classroom, hire a local landscaping service to create your vision. You can share some ideas that you have, as well as get some suggestions. Here are some ideas to implement.

Ground Seating

While you can certainly use your patio furniture for your makeshift classroom, it can be fun to create a new area that will excite your children. Consider the benefits of sitting on the ground. Doing so can be comfortable for kids, and you may find that they fidget less because they're not confined to chairs. There are different options for ground seating. Covering a specific area of your yard with fresh sod will create soft, natural space for your backyard classroom. Alternatively, you may wish to use artificial turf for a cleaner look.

Overhead Cover

You need to think about some type of overhead cover for your outdoor classroom. On hot days, it will provide a source of shade from the sun. During periods of inclement weather, it will offer shelter to prevent you from having to move indoors. Your landscaping professional can offer different solutions. For example, a retractable awning may be something to consider, while many landscapers can also build structures such as pergolas and patio covers over your designated space.

Privacy Options

There are many reasons to build your backyard classroom to be as private as possible. The more private that this space is, the more focused that your children should be. By contrast, if they're able to see a neighbor's yard, an open field, or any other type of space around you, their attention may wane. Additionally, you may like the idea of keeping this space private so that it doesn't alert nosy neighbors. If you have a neighbor whom you feel may want to give you recommendations on homeschooling, you'll appreciate some privacy. Your landscaper can offer privacy through a variety of methods, including planting a thick hedge, building a privacy wall, or something similar.

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