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making landscaping beautiful and beneficial

Landscaping your yard could be more beneficial than you think. The landscaping can actually be more than just beautiful - it could be effective in controlling water flow and pests in your yard. How do you create a landscape design that will be both beautiful and beneficial? Are some plants better and more hardy than others? How do you choose what plants to place where? How much hardscape does your design need? These and many other landscaping questions are answered on my website. Take a moment to read up on my personal experiences and learn from what I have been through in the past.

Want To Landscape With Your Kids? 3 Great Plants To Grow With Your Kids

Gardening is an excellent hobby for an introverted person or someone who enjoys doing things on their own. But, this is not the only way that you can have fun growing plants or trees in your backyard. Bringing your kids into the picture can turn it into an experience that the whole family can participate in. It is not hard for children to make a mistake or two when watering or maintaining plants, so you want plants that are not only easy to grow, but can withstand most of the conditions that they are likely to experience.


Strawberries are juicy and delicious, but you are probably used to buying them at local stores. The great thing about this fruit is that it grows quickly and easily for a few years, and then it dwindles away.  It is possible to keep the strawberries growing with the offshoots that they produce, but that is completely up to you. You might end up having strawberries in your garden until your children grow up and move out, or their interest may fizzle out after a few years and you can find something else to enjoy as a family.


If your kids want to have beautiful flowers in the backyard, you cannot go wrong with aster plants. The huge advantage with them is that they can grow in zones ranging from 1 to 10, which means you can live nearly anywhere in the United States and have no problem growing these plants with success. It is possible to start from the seed, or you can buy asters that have already started growing for easier maintenance.

Apple Trees

Starting early with your children means you have an opportunity to make a long-term commitment for something major like a fruit tree. These trees usually take several years to get going, but once they do, you can enjoy lovely harvests throughout your children's entire childhood and even longer. An ideal plant worth considering is the apple tree, which is resilient in that it can handle a variety of soil conditions. It is a good idea to look for pest-resistant species to eliminate one of the worries that you would normally have. These trees will expand the time you get to spend with your kids to the kitchen when you cook with the apples.

It is not always easy to find time to bond as a family when you have work and your children have school, but getting on board with exciting landscaping projects can help you solve this problem.