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making landscaping beautiful and beneficial

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A Topographical Survey Can Give You An Accurate Record Of Your Property

If you have just purchased a large parcel of land, you are probably thinking about where the best place to build your house, put your well or place your driveway is. You want to make sure that your house and driveway are in a convenient and well-placed location on your new property. One of the ways you can get that is to get a topographic survey done of your property. 

What Is a Topographic Survey? 

Topography is all about the shape of the land and what is on it. Topography refers to things like how high hills and mountains are, how deep a chasm is, and how wide rivers are. A topographic survey will have all those things on it. Trees and manmade structures will also be placed on a topographical survey. When you get the topographical survey back from the surveyor, you will have an extremely accurate representation of what your property looks like and what is on it. 

How Is a Topographic Survey Done?

There are several ways that the surveyor can do the surveyor, depending on what you need, how big your property is, and what you are looking for. 

Aerial Survey

If you have a large property that has a lot of different features, the surveyor may do something like an aerial survey. The way that an aerial survey is done is that someone flies over, generally in a small airplane, and takes pictures of the property. The camera will just automatically take a series of pictures and the pilot will fly in a specific pattern so that the entire property is covered. The camera can tell generally leave GPS coordinates on the photos so that the surveyor will know what part of your property the picture belongs to. The surveyor will be able to use those pictures to take measurements of the different features to get an accurate record of your property. 

Transit Survey

A transit survey is when the surveyor actually walks the property. They will take measurements of everything, use a GPS to mark waypoints, and take notes in their field book. When the surveyor gets back to their office, they will be able to use all of that information to create the record of your property. 

If you have just purchased a large parcel of property a topographical survey will give you a good idea as to what your property looks like and where the best place to put your house and driveway are.