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making landscaping beautiful and beneficial

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Elements Of A Rock Garden And How To Place Them

A Japanese rock garden, commonly called a Zen garden, is a simple garden made from landscaping stones and sand. You look at it from a specific spot. Although simple to make, a Zen garden is a spiritual and meditative place. There are many rules to a Zen garden, but you can build one by following only the most basic rules.

Here is a look at the elements of a stone garden and how to place them for your garden.


Zen gardens use several types of stones in various sizes. Large boulders with jagged edges and a pointed corner represent mountains. Boulders with or without a jagged peak represent islands. If you find a boulder with a unique shape, make sure it gets a prominent place in your garden.

Placing these boulders has a few rules. Since rock gardens are meant to be seen from one spot, you must make sure that the best side of the boulders face that spot. They should not be placed in any geometrical pattern, but placed randomly in a way that looks appealing to the eye from the viewing spot.

Rocks and Pebbles

Small, rounded rocks represent water in a rock garden. Rocks placed on the edge of the garden represent the seashore. Rocks placed through the garden represent rivers. They are also often used as pathways for gardens that allow traversing, so as not to disturb the sand.

Any type of small rounded rock will work for your garden. Choose from tiny pebbles to large palm-sized rocks. Avoid bright colored rocks that distract the eye. You want rocks that fit in with the colors of nature.

Sand and Gravel

Sand and gravel become a large body of water, such as the sea or a riverbed. Sand is beautiful and easy to work with, but easily succumbs to rain and wind. Fine gravel withstands the elements better but isn't as easy to rake.

Raking the sand in a Zen garden is the most important part. It requires you to concentrate on the task and not on other problems in your life. It is very difficult to rake a perfect line or circle so it also teaches you discipline. There is no wrong way to rake your garden. Create lines that appeal to you as you work.

Rock gardens are beautiful even without green grass and flowers. Once complete, you can sit in that special spot and look out over your garden. You'll relax and feel stress-free from the time you're there.

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