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Four Signs That The Old Tree In Your Yard Needs To Be Removed To Protect Your Property

If you have an old tree in your yard that has more dead branches every year, it may be getting close to time for you to have it removed. Things like insects, disease and damage from storms can take their toll on old trees. Sometimes, you may be able to have trimming done to save the tree, but in many cases, an old tree needs to be removed to ensure the safety of your family and your home. Here are four signs that the old tree in your yard needs to be removed for your safety:

1. Excessive Dead Branches In The Canopy Of The Tree

If there are excessive dead branches in the canopy of your tree, this may be a sign that it has reached the end of its life. There are still a few options to deal with this problem. One is to have the tree topped, where the bottom of the tree is left. This can be good if there is still healthy growth at the lower parts of the tree. The other option is to have the tree completely removed, which is something you will want to do if there is very little green growth on the tree.

2. Insects And Disease That Has Killed A Large Portion Of The Tree

Insects and disease can also have an impact on trees. Some invasive plants and insects can damage your tree and put healthy trees in danger. If you have trees with a type of beetle infestation, removing them may be something that you will want to do to prevent the problem from spreading to other trees. Some signs of these problems are odd growth and holes in the tree from where larvae feed on the tree. A local landscape service, like Desert Gardens Outdoor Services, Inc., may be able to help with problems common in your area.

3. Hollowing In The Trunk From Previous Damage To The Tree

The trunk of the tree is an area of the tree that can make the tree vulnerable to various problems. If your tree has been damaged in the past, this can lead to the inside of the trunk hollowing. This problem leaves the tree vulnerable to insects and disease. If you have a tree with a hollow trunk, it may need to be removed if there is more dead growth than live

4. Excessive New Growth On The Trunk And Below The Canopy Of The Tree

The tree in your yard may have signs of it getting old. Sometimes, before the branches in the canopy begin to die, the trunk of the tree may have a lot of new growth. This can mean that the canopy is beginning the die and that the tree needs to be cared for. Sometimes, this can be fixed by trimming the tree or topping some of the higher branches. If it is an older tree, it may be time to have it removed if there is no healthy growth in the canopy.

These are some of the signs that the old tree on your property needs to be removed. If you have an old tree on your property that is showing some of these signs of age, it may be time for you to call a tree removal service and have them take care of your tree.