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making landscaping beautiful and beneficial

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About The Perks Of Investing In An Automatic Sprinkler System For Your Home

Do the grass and plants in your landscape die a lot because you don't have time to manually water them? If so, you may need an automatic sprinkler system that can keep your landscape beautiful when you are too busy to water the plants. In this article, discover a few of the perks that come along with an automatic sprinkler system and what you will pay for installation.

What are the Perks of an Automatic Sprinkler System?

One of the perks of having an automatic sprinkler system is the possibility you will have to save money on water costs. An automatic sprinkler system will be able to get a larger area of your plants watered at one time than you can do manually. The greatest perk about the sprinkler system is that it will only come on when you want it to, and will also turn off based on how you set it.

Another perk of an automatic sprinkler system is that you can opt for sprinklers that are hidden when not in use. When the system is on, small sprinkler heads will rise out of the ground. When watering the landscape manually, you have to deal with the garden hose moving across the lawn and possibly damaging the grass or plants. You won't have to use a garden hose at all when a sprinkler system is in place. A garden hose can also cause the grass to become discolored if it sits on the lawn too long.

Although an automatic sprinkler system will help maintain a beautiful lawn, it will also give your exterior a classier look. When people pass by as the sprinkler heads are watering the lawn, your home will appear well-kept.

What Does it Cost for an Automatic Sprinkler System?

If you want your system to have sprinkler heads that rise out of the ground, you can expect to pay an average of $1,500 to $3,500. The price of the system will depend on the square footage of your landscape, as well as the availability of a connection to the plumbing system. The labor fee can vary based on who is hired to install the sprinkler system.

Don't detract from the beauty of your landscape by neglecting to provide your grass and plants with the water they need. You don't have to lift a finger to water the landscape if an automatic sprinkler system is installed. Just contact a sprinkler expert from a company like Steeplechase to get the job done!