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making landscaping beautiful and beneficial

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Finishing Block Walls With Textured Concrete

Block walls are a great solution for many issues that you may have around your property. Do you have problems with the slope of your yard causing water run-off issues? Do you have a lack of seating around a patio or garden? These are just two issues that could be resolved with the addition of a block wall. Unfortunately, block walls do not offer the aesthetic appeal that more expensive options do, but you can fix that. Here, you will learn about textured concrete on block walls and how decorative concrete could make your property even more beautiful.

How is the concrete textured?

Typically, you will have three options of texturing to consider. They are:

Stamping – This technique uses pre-formed stamps to create a pattern in the concrete. You can pick and choose from many available designs, or you can have a custom stamp made for your project. Generally, the stamps used do not create deep patterns in the concrete.

Skin Texturing – This technique includes the use of thin, lightweight polyurethane or rubber stamp-like forms to create a textured finish in the concrete. Skin texturizing can provide more detail in the finish than traditional stamping.

Carving – Hand carving the concrete is typically more expensive than the other options because it does require a lot more work than stamping or skin texturing. Each detail in the concrete is carved by hand to suit your preferences.

These three techniques can be used alone or combined to create a truly unique and beautiful finish on the block wall that you have installed. The stamps or skins can be used and finished with great detail using the carving technique.

What materials are needed to finish the block wall with textured concrete?

Once the wall is in place, you will need lightweight concrete specially made for use on vertical surfaces. Attempting to use traditional concrete to finish your block wall will likely end in failure. The traditional concrete is far too heavy for vertical application, so be sure to use the specially formulated lightweight concrete.

If you decide to change the color of the wall, you will also need the supplies to do so. You will need the special acid or water-based concrete stain which will be applied once the fresh concrete has cured.

After you have stained the concrete, you will then apply a coat of concrete sealant to protect the surface from water damage.

Talk with the contractor installing your block wall to learn more about finishing it with textured concrete. He or she will be able to assist you in completing your project. For more information, contact Dansons Landscaping Inc. or a similar company.