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making landscaping beautiful and beneficial

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When To Repair Or Replace Your Damaged Brickwork

Do you have a wall, fence, or backyard structure with aging and damaged brickwork? If so, you generally have two choices to fix the problem. You can either replace the brick or repair it. Which should you do? Here are a few indicators as to when each option is the right call in different circumstances. 

When to Repair Brickwork

Certainly, if you can simply replace or repair some bricks, you'll save money. Start by carefully inspecting to see if the bricks themselves are damaged or if it's the mortar between them that's broken down. Mortar is designed to wear out first, but it can usually be replaced with a new, modern mortar selected for the right strength and thickness as existing mortar. 

What if the bricks themselves are damaged? Then consider two circumstances when repair beats replacement. The first is when the damage is only on one side of the affected bricks. Turn them around to see how stable or undamaged the other side is. This can be an easy fix and allows you to protect the appearance of the entire wall. 

Finally, do the bricks have historical value? Replacing any historical material, even when it's damaged, can permanently alter the value of a structure. In this case, you may choose to — or have to — preserve the existing bricks instead of replacing them. 

When to Replace Brickwork

Of course, it's not always possible — or preferable — to simply patch up what's there. Look beyond individual damage to see if there are larger issues with the wall or structure. Does it sag? Is it warped? Are the cracks due to an uneven foundation? What percentage of total bricks are damaged? The more extensive the repairs needed, the more cost-effective it becomes to simply replace the entire wall. 

Also, consider how the brickwork fits into the current aesthetic and layout. Because brick walls last for decades, they may have been built when the property had a different style or purpose. If major repairs may be warranted, it's time to consider whether you should change it more dramatically. New bricks, a modern design, or a different shape could revitalize the location even if you replace it with another brick wall. 

Where to Start

Clearly, many factors come into play when deciding whether to repair or replace brickwork. Start by meeting with an experienced brickwork contractor in your area today. With their guidance, you'll find the right path to refresh your brick and give it new life for many more years. 

Contact a brickwork service near you for more information.